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Welcome to Introvert Reader’s Home.

Hey. I go by the name Introvert Reader when I blog about books. I’m all about reading, reviewing, and relaxing with my cats.

I read all genres: romance, science fiction, mystery-and-thrillers, non-fiction (usually history and biographies), vintage-pulp, trashy books, and once in a while a work of literature.

I review books that many readers would consider offensive–or worse. And I usually have a great time with them. So take that as you will.

A professional book blogger, I am not. This site is strictly for fun. I do accept ARCS though. However, reviews may take me a while. So if you’re waiting on my 5-star rating to make or break your sales… 🤷‍♀️

Even though I am an introvert, I tend to overshare, ramble on in reviews and share a bit of TMI. Just a head’s up. I’m socially awkward.


How I Review

As long as I’m entertained, a book will get a positive review, no matter the quality of the writing.

If I give a book a low rating or negative review, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try reading it.

You know the saying about what opinions are like? I’m no better than the next person. Take my hyperbolic rantings on the “worst and best books ever” with a grain of salt Let’s simply enjoy talking about reading.

Book Reviews to Check Out

Rating System

  • 5 Stars – I love, love it! A desert-island-keeper.
  • 4.5 Stars – Sure, it’s not perfect–what book is? I’m keeping this on my shelves.
  • 4 Stars – Great! I enjoyed it so much! I may hold on to it for a re-read.
  • 3.5 Stars – An entertaining, instructive, or enlightening read. Liked it a lot!
  • 3 Stars – A flawed book with positive aspects outweighing negatives. An average book, but time well spent.
  • 2.5 Stars – Contains moments I enjoyed, but not enough to make me like the book overall. Sorry. Sell, swap, or donate.
  • 2 Stars – Not the worst I’ve read, and there might be some positive about the writing or story, but I did not like this.
  • 1.5 Stars – I couldn’t stand reading this book–maybe for petty reasons. More likely due to frustration over essential issues. Still, I acknowledge the author has talent. Somewhere.
  • 1 Star – I HATED this, probably because I was really bored! Boring is the worst thing a book can be. Worst case, this is a DNF where I got halfway through. At best, I finished it! (yay)

See You at the Rainbow Bridge, Dear Kitty!

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