The Queer Frenzy by Oscar Bessie

queer frenzy
The Queer Frenzy, Oscar Bessie, Tuxedo Books, 1962, cover artist Elaine Duillo

3.5 Stars

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


The Book – The Queer Frenzy by Oscar Bessie

Vintage pulp reads like Oscar Bessie’s The Queer Frenzy may not be great works of literature, but they sure are fun, exploitive, salacious, and wonderfully offensive.

The Queer Frenzy was originally titled Lover Boy, but some wise-ass editor figured giving it a gratuitous title like the former would make this sell better. Looking at that Elaine Duillo cover, we can tell “Lover Boy” is having love troubles in the bedroom… is queerness at the heart of it all? Let’s see.

Like Father, Like Son

Young Hank is just a boy when he loses his virginity after he catches his dad cheating on his mom with the town bicycle. Daddy thinks it’s time for sonny boy to become a man.

“A man’s got to be serviced regularly or he’s not a man. My daddy told me when I was twelve and was right.

So Hank just dives right in and gets Dad’s sloppy seconds while Daddy eggs him on, yelling: 

“Drive it, home, boy!”

Ah, that’s some wholesome father-son bonding.

queer frenzy oscar bessie

It’s Fallen and He Can’t Get It Up!

Despite being dressed in a suit on the cover, Hank is a beatnik type of guy who loves rock ‘n’ roll, bars, and fast women. He’s built a reputation over the years as a stud. But things are going a little south in that direction lately.

The mayor’s slutty wife is looking for some young male stud to bang her, and Hank’s her choice. They meet up at a bar called The Fat Black Pussy Cat.

The unthinkable happens when Hank tries to get it on with the mayor’s wife. He can’t get it up!

This angers the woman, yelling at him: 

“’Fake,’ she spit out. ‘You strut around like a stud but you’re a fake. Nothing to you at all. Half man. You don’t deserve a woman like me. You’re not a man! You can’t please a woman!'”

Ouch, not the words a guy wants to hear when he’s down and out. But in Hank’s eyes, it was the woman’s fault he couldn’t perform:

“Looking back I realized she was too fat, sloppy fat, and her breasts really sagged too much. She was old. Too old. A man like me deserved better merchandise than that. What I needed, I told myself, was a truly good piece of loving; a high-class female, something with styles something that would appreciate me.”

Charming fellow, right?🤮

So in a rage because he can’t perform, he beats her up. Then he goes to another bar, beats up another girl, and fights off the bartender. Finally, the cops are called, and Hank is arrested and kicked out of town.

A Not So Queer Thing

What is at the heart of this strange, queer frenzy where this once-hot stud can’t make it with a girl anymore? Is he…? Could it be…?

Hank turns into a drifter, searching for answers. No, not in men’s public bathrooms or roadside hookups! This isn’t one of those books. The title was just a gimmick to lure in pervy readers like me.

You see, the troubles with Hank’s libido have nothing to do with sexual confusion. It’s just that his heart isn’t into fast times and casual sex anymore. What’s sex without love? Hank’s got no troubles that the right woman can’t fix. And sure enough, she eventually comes along with her magic, virginal vagina, and turns Lover Boy into the virile man he once was.

The power of true, pure love heals all.


I love these lusty morality plays. Stuff some sex and violence into a thin plot, add a great-looking cover and slap on a virtuous, uplifting ending.

What a formula for fun!


Passion burned in him like wildfire as he frenziedly sought that peculiar kind of woman who alone knew how to cool the fires of his love.

A surging rock n’ roll beat drove him toward his weird fate. Unfulfilled desire led him into a crazed half-world of ruthless love and bloody death for profit, a shadowy world of wanton women and frustrated men. Luscious swinging beauties failed to satisfy his longings and he desperately hunted salvation…before it was too late!!!

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