Sinful Truths by Anne Mather

sinful truths
Sinful Truths, Anne Mather, Harlequin, 2003

2.5 Stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book – Sinful Truths by Anne Mather

Sinful Truths, a Harlequin/ Mills & Boon romance by Anne Mather–if done right–could have been a good read.

But it was bogged down by too many unlikeable characters, except for one innocent child at the center who deserved better adults in her life.

The Jerks and Their Story

The hero abandoned his wife when he caught her in bed with his best friend. When she told him she was pregnant, he didn’t believe the baby she carried was his. However, he never divorced her.

Ten years later, he wants to marry a shallow lingerie model with gazangas. Correction–he is the shallow one.

But somehow, our hero can’t ask for a divorce because he suddenly realizes he’s still in lust with his wife.

The “hero” is an asshat who never heard of DNA testing.

The stupid heroine never took any initiative in her life.

The selfish grandmother just cares about her money and family manor. Jerky characters are all around, except for the poor, miserable daughter who just wants a daddy.

My Opinion

But oddly, despite its grossness, I didn’t hate Sinful Truths. It was worth the price of admission.

Maybe it’s that lately, I’ve been reading too many boring books that make me feel absolutely nothing. For all its stupid premise, Sinful Truths kept me involved in the story.


What possible novelty could there be in seducing his wife?

Jake McCabe separated from his wife, Isobel, convinced that the daughter she gave birth to was not his. Insistent that Emily was Jake’s child, Isobel struggled as a single mother.

But now Jake finds himself in Isobel’s life once more–and caught up again by the same heated desire that held him tight when they were first married. Seducing Isobel can only add to the list of their sins, and it won’t change the truth of her betrayal…or will it?

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